March 25, 2012

Kurhn dolls

For the Spring and summer I started making white dresses and dresses with flower prints for my shop in Etsy

Another doll I love is Kurhn doll. The first one I got has no joints in the arms and legs . She also can wear the dresses I made but beacuse she is taller and her arms are longer a long sleaves dress for a Blythe is 3/4 sleaves for the Kurhn doll. But also fashionable and springly.

Only Kurhn hair is cheap and not so nice. Since the photo shoots she losts her head and her hair because I am busy re-rooting her.

And Shaun was helping me:

And 2 days ago I recieved my new Kurhn with joints. She wasn't the cheapest and her hair is of a much beter quality.

P.S. Just realized while writting this post that my Blythe have names but the Kurhn not! This is not right! I must think of names for them.


Lisa Astrup said...

So cute your Kurhn, I have one too
and thinking of getting one more and maybe give her inset glass eyes, scary is't it ;)

Ayala Levinger said...

Hi Lisa

I never heard about inserting glass eyes in Kurhn. that is an interesting idea. can you post a link to a photo (maybe in flickr) of Kurhn with glass eyes, please?

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