April 22, 2008

Sewing mirror into a make-up bag

Of course you can make a make-up bag without a mirror and just carry a little mirror inside the bag but wouldn't you like to make a make-up bag with a build-in mirror that looks professional?

Want to know how?

You will need:
  • make-up mirror
  • fabric for lining + scrap of the same fabric
  • interfacing (I user heavy sew-in)
  • scrap cotton fabric (preferably light color so it wouldn't shown under the lining
  • thread in the color of lining (for top stitching)
  • pen
  • ruler
  • pins
  • iron (And I need a new one because mine just exploded yesterday while ironing! scary!!)
  • sewing machine with zipper foot

Draw frame lines of the mirror on the interfacing.
Draw then seam allowance of 1/4'' inside the rectangle to create a smaller one.
Draw also the vertical middle line.

Cut the interfacing material with seam allowance of 2''.
Cut a second rectangle same size from scrap lining fabric.

Lay interfacing-rectangle (drawing facing up) on lining-rectangle right side facing down.
Lay both layers on the lining of the make-up back. right sides facing each other.
Use the middle line drawn on the interfacing to align the mirror window in the middle of the lining.
I fold first the lining and press with the iron then I have a middle line and that helps.
other option is to cut the lining form after sewing the mirror.

Sew around on the inner line (the smaller rectangle).

Cut through all layers very carefully up the center of the rectangle and clip diagonally to the corners.

Turn the scrap rectangle through the center of the cut to the inside, along the stitching. Press and topstitch.

Lay your mirror in the middle of a cotton scrap and draw the frame lines.
Lay scrap cotton fabric behind window (drawing facing up) and pin.
Be careful - you should pin the scrap only to the rectangles of lining and interfacing and not to the lining of the bag itself!

Sew 3 sides 1/8'' near the line (or more if your mirror is thicker)
Leave one side completely open to get a "pocket". Insert your mirror through the open side.

Close the opening when mirror is inside.
Use zipper foot to sew as close to the mirror you can get.

Ready for finishing your bag.

I hope everything was clear but if not and you have more questions, comments, suggestions, tips - please drop a line.


K said...

Very cool! I would have never thought of doing that. I will have to give it a go.

Yona said...

How are you?
Great tutorial!

Kelli Bos said...

Thank you for this post..I have searched forever for such a tutorial. I have started the process thanks to your help.

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