June 21, 2012

Blythe worries about War on Women

I follow the  "War on Women" through blogs and on facebook. I am worried, how can this be? in 2012 and in America?!
It makes me more worried to see that other contries are being inspired by the GOP, for example Turkey  and also in Israel the Uterus is considered a state property already years and years, oh, with one conditions - it must be a jewish uterus.

Kobi is also a feminist, radical feminist to be exact and she is very concerned from what she reads in Ms. magazine. Here in this photo she reads back  issue winter 2010


April 27, 2012

Kobi's metamorphose finished

She was a stock bohemian peace

And now she is Kobi the mohair curly red head! 

work done:
  • sand matting
  • sleep eye and replaced pull charms 
  • gaze correction and lid-lifting (boggled) 
  • dyed eye lids
  • replaced all eye chips to handmade by me
  • replaced eye lashes
  • carved nose, lips and philtrum
  • licca body
  • new makeup with pastels and freckles
  • mohair reroot on a cool cat sculp

lesson learned:
  • keep a logical sequence in customizing. 
  • order  materials before starting. It took 4 weeks for the chips to arrive!
  • Make up: ONLY in day light!
  • Make up2: must not hurry and seal the make up. let me get used to it and eventually change it if I am not satisfied. removing sealed make up takes long time and too many hand movements..
  • Scalp: I don't think I will use cool cat scalp anymore. It is easy to reroot but not so easy to attach back on the head. it doesn't fit to the milimeter as I wish it to be.

April 16, 2012

Meet April

April has finally a name and a new mohair curls instead of the cheap hair she came with.

And she is very happy outside.

This photo is not so sharp but I like it anyway. Beautiful girl.

April 13, 2012

Summer time

I love it when we still have light in the evening. Yesterday I took the kids to the playground after dinner and when we came back it was almost 20:00 and still light. It is also getting warmer, though even when it is cold Shaun has no problem walking around in the garden with his underware.

Amika is wearing Kurhn stock clothes and the new sock monkey hat in black and white only.
And I love it that you see Shaun on the background. He was busy studying how the solar lamps work. They don't do it anymore.

March 25, 2012

Kurhn dolls

For the Spring and summer I started making white dresses and dresses with flower prints for my shop in Etsy

Another doll I love is Kurhn doll. The first one I got has no joints in the arms and legs . She also can wear the dresses I made but beacuse she is taller and her arms are longer a long sleaves dress for a Blythe is 3/4 sleaves for the Kurhn doll. But also fashionable and springly.

Only Kurhn hair is cheap and not so nice. Since the photo shoots she losts her head and her hair because I am busy re-rooting her.

And Shaun was helping me:

And 2 days ago I recieved my new Kurhn with joints. She wasn't the cheapest and her hair is of a much beter quality.

P.S. Just realized while writting this post that my Blythe have names but the Kurhn not! This is not right! I must think of names for them.

March 24, 2012

Spring fever

It is already a few days with temperatures above the 15 degrees and it is great!
Funny but in September when the temperatures are dropping to 15 degrees we have it cold and we put on a sweather and in March when it is only 15 degrees we go outside with a short sleaves shirt and without a coat!

And of course spring means cleaning the caravan...
That is what we did today. It is probably our last year in the camping becuase we are planning on selling the caravan this year.

Kobi is giving ♥ to the peach flowers

Resting while the pillows and blankets are in the fresh air

February 28, 2012

How to link your Facebook page to Twitter

Marketing on social media takes time but it sure takes dubble the time if I need to post any status/photo/link on any site separately.
It is a good idea to link your Facebook page to your twitter account because there are people who follow twitter accounts rather than FB pages and you don't want to miss them. I follow facebook pages and sometimes also the twitter account of the same page because with my smartphone it is easier just scrolling all updates with tweetdeck.

He is how to link your FB page to your twitter account.

link facebook page to twitter account
You can then choose what to publish on your twitter account: status, notes, videos, photo's etc.

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